Rob helped me clear my psoriasis two times. His help means the world to me. He is THE BEST skin health coach on the internet. Period!

- Iman Gadzhi, celebrity YouTuber/businessman

Rob my friend, you saved my life. I've been living with skin problems for nearly 7 years. I found your Instagram page when I was at the point of giving up. Your Water Fasting and Diet plans have given me hope and I have about 85% kicked the bad skin with skin irritation and hives only appearing on my hands and feet which I have been managing successfully for now about a year. Thank you for what you're doing.

- Cody

I would wake up in the middle of the night with an intense urge to peel off my skin. Then I would start on the most irritated parts, my knees, my feet, arms, and my stomach. I would dig deep into the skin with my nails, not caring about the blood and fluids oozing out. I just wanted to itch so much that the sensation of pain would overpower the sensation of itch. After doing that for an hour or two, completely soaking my bedsheet with skin flakes, blood, and sticky fluids, I would tire myself to sleep. But that was only half of the ordeal. I would always dread the excruciating shower I needed to take every morning after annihilating my skin the night before.

I was completely depressed, hopeless, frustrated, and I didn’t understand why this was happening to me. Every one of the doctors I went to lied to me, took my money, and gave me drugs that would only increase my eczema and psoriasis.

After many years of pain, struggle, and depression, I finally found Rob, and it is not an understatement when I say, Rob Stuart literally changed my life.

- Omar Chaus, writer and marketer

I used Rob’s step-by-step workbook. It's really informative and dense, and I followed what he prescribed. And to my surprise, it worked really fast. I had decided to commit and give the process about a year, but to my surprise, it only took 90 days to heal 60% of my skin with stable results and another 3 months to get to 95% healed. Today, I've been skin disease-free and enjoying my new rebuilt skin with stable results for almost two years. My eczema is a thing of the past as you can see in the photos above. It’s not something I have to deal with anymore. I’m very thankful to Rob and I’ve also made a 30-minute-long YouTube video talking about it.

If you’re thinking about purchasing Rob’s offerings, I’m a living example of the success of his methods. You are in good hands and I wish you good luck. Go for it. Your future self will thank you for it.

- Tanel Enn

(watch Tanel's longer testimony YouTube video here)

Hey Rob, I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to give you an update on my skin. It just keeps getting better and better

My health is improving more and more. So many things I thought I couldn't digest. I have been able to digest perfectly and powerfully. I'm on a positive upward spiral. And you as an example showed me it is possible. Despite what dermatologists say in terms of eczema being "incurable ". Clearly, I am another example that you can heal your skin naturally without the use of drugs. Considering I've been cold turkey with the steroid creams for well about 2 years now ( or something like that, not sure if you remember the day you told me to just cut it out and go all in ). I've been to the depths of hell and suffering. And I have come out on the other side of it. As a shining example, you can heal yourself. I just wanted to send you this update and testimonial. With the hopes that it can help someone else. I know I already sent you one before but just wanted to send another one. Because It just keeps improving more and more. Thanks as always! Regards.

- Francis

Hi, Rob. You probably get this all the time, but I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your channel, providing insights, and sharing your knowledge. I have had seborrheic dermatitis for 4 years now, on my scalp (dandruff) and on my face! It's the worst place, similar to what you had. At the start of this year, the flare-ups on my face DID NOT GO AWAY! You know how that feels!

I Googled and Googled and then some more, and I found your channel. When you mentioned that doctors fix the symptoms and not the cause, I knew you were the man to follow! I think everyone goes through the same BS with creams, and they say this is not curable.

I downloaded your e-book and instantly went into phase 1 of cleansing. I immediately incorporated it with your other videos on turmeric mixtures and green juices and eliminated all junk food (clean eating only and no trigger foods), going on a full regimen of cleansing, green juices, turmeric mixes, and fasting. (I did not do a coffee enema, I could not find it in SA.) I ramped up my exercise schedule and tracked everything!

On day 32 my skin started clearing up, and in my mind, I was like, "It's just a cycle, it will be back in a few days, and then I will dominate it again." But today, as I am sending this email, is the 17th day of a clean scalp and clear skin. It hasn't been this way in 4 years, and definitely not the last few months. My biomarkers are sky high, massive energy, dropped a few kgs, lean AF again, circles under my eyes are gone, no brain fog, and even my nails are improving. My gut health is in fantastic shape again and my bowel movements are fantastic! (Weird thing to email to someone :) )

Even though it is very short-term and flare-ups might occur again, your motivation instilled a belief that I needed to follow your program and that I could change this terrible disease.

Keep on sharing your knowledge. You're making massive changes in people's lives out there that you're not even aware of!

From the bottom of my heart, thanks, Rob!

- Gabriel Botha

Until I found Rob, I really believed that my psoriasis was something that I would just have to live with. From watching his YouTube videos and connecting with him on a personal level through video chat, I was able to shed new light on my condition and eradicate it through proper diet and lifestyle changes. It has been THE most challenging thing I have ever endured and also the most rewarding. I really can't thank Rob enough for the gift he's given me in showing that I am in control based on the decisions and habits that I create. He has fought his own battles and come out on the other side with clear skin all without prescriptions and doctors. Thanks, Rob!

- Dave Ballew

Dear Rob,

I have been meaning to email you for weeks, I am forever grateful for finding your channel on YouTube, and I wanted to reach out to share my story and to say thank you. Your advice has returned me from a one-woman leper colony to normal life, in the span of 2 months (although I was already seeing huge results after 3 weeks!)

The long version: I have had skin issues all my life, acne, etc, as a result of PCOS. When I was trying to have my two kids, I followed a low-Gl diet and found that my skin improved, as well as my hormones (estrogen, LSH, progesterone). I didn't know then that PCOS/insulin resistance also played a role in gut health (and not just fertility). As the years passed, I became less careful about what I ate. Although I have been vegetarian for 9 years, I was eating a lot of processed food and dairy products. I also became more sedentary as my kids started school, and I found myself sitting a lot at home/work, or in my car.

Although I continued to struggle with acne, I never had eczema until two years ago. It started as a small patch on my face and gradually spread all over my body. I chased it around with cortisone creams and took oral antihistamines, but they seemed to have less effect over time. The eczema continued to spread and was becoming very itchy and uncomfortable. I couldn't wear shortsit shirts, take my kids to the pool, etc, and it was really taking a hit on my confidence.

Fast forward to this Easter (late April 2019). I spent a week's vacation in Houston, eating queso with every meal, enjoying margaritas, dessert every meal, you name it. On the return flight home, my body/skin erupted. I spent 10 hours in an airplane, visiting the lavatory often to literally claw at my skin until it bled. It was horrific, I was so alarmed that when we landed, I went straight to the ER. I thought I had some kind of crazy medication-resistant fungal infection. I was turned away at the ER, they wouldn't even examine me, they advised going to a dermatologist (which I have for the past 20 years, and look where it got me).

I called the dermatologist to make an appointment, but couldn't be seen for another month. As a last resort, out of pure desperation, I went to a 2nd ER where they took me seriously, did some bloodwork, scraped the rash to see if it would grow in the lab, and lo and behold, all my lab results came back normal. So even though I looked like a bum victim, on paper I was healthy. At this point, I realized that there was nothing conventional medicine could offer me. My parents and brother are all MDs (pathologists), and all my life, I have never questioned Westem medicine, a white coat, a prescription pad. Never again will I be so passive.

After the 2nd ER visit, I turned to Google and YouTube and started searching for "PCOS/eczema, fungal infection, eczema, etc. and your channel popped up. I think I binge-watched most of your videos over the next 3-4 weeks. I wouldn't shut up about my newfound yoga therapist guru. My husband and parents thought I had lost my mind. My poor mom thought I had a cutaneous 1-cell lymphoma, my dad thought it was an auto-immune disease. I was supposed to go with them to Mayo Clinic to be examined this summer (this was in mid-May, when I began to put your advice into practice).

So we made a bet. I told them I was throwing out all of the meds/creams, and going on the HCLF vegan diet, cutting out alcohol and caffeine, starting daily exercise, dry brushing, and doing once/weekly salt flushes. If I was still in the same situation by July, I would go to Mayo.

Well, 6 weeks later (end of June), I showed up to their door with clear skin, wearing shorts and a tank top. My goal was to wear shorts this summer and it only took 5 weeks of following your advice to get there. My husband and parents were blown away, beyond shocked that diet and lifestyle changes had worked. I had a ton of additional lab work (blood/urine)tests done in mid-July, and all of it again was normal. Small B12 deficiency but I'm now taking a supplement. The B12 supplement and a multivitamin are all I'm taking now, no more meds of any kind for the moment.

Anyhow, thank you for reading if you still are! I'm attaching a few pics of what I looked like before and two pics (see above) from a couple of weeks ago. What a difference! I've been at the pool/beach with my kids this summer, and the itching/flaking is gone (which was the worst part, so miserable!) You've given me my life back, and were there for me (and all your viewers) in desperate times. I only dealt with it hardcore for 2 months, god knows how people suffer for years with it!

Last, thank you for turning me onto Dr. Greger's book, How Not to Die. I read it and have been preaching your and Dr. Greger's gospel to anyone who will listen. I told my mom to just read it in order to shut me up. She did, and is now... wait for it... on the same HCLF diet! She has lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks, and her a1C and triglyceride levels have plummeted, and she had to stop taking her blood pressure meds (her blood pressure dropped so much). Again, blown away, and it's all down to finding your channel.

This note isn't enough to thank you, but I hope it reinforces the good work that you're doing

Best regards,


I know you put a lot of hard work into what you do. So thank you, from a 22-year-old who was on the brink of suicide for 6 years and is now happy, working again, enjoying the outdoors, showering with no pain, sleeping through the night, and finally going back to finish my college education after having to put my entire life on hold for 3 years.

Who knew it could be so simple!

I was on Paleo and AIP diets for 3 years with absolutely no results, only worsening of my skin and overall health.

I send everyone I can who is struggling with skin problems over to your site and channel. When I'm financially stable, I'd love to donate or support in any way I can.

God Bless!


Rob, I have to thank you. I had extremely bad eczema and dermatitis; especially on my face. You have been instrumental in my healing and learning about skin issues and food. Over time I've had less and less gut issues following most of your advice. Also, I've learned to care for myself, and have overcome anxiety in this time. As you know, it's difficult to educate sufferers of skin issues about what they should or shouldn't use on their skin, or eat. But people are healing and helping others educate themselves about things like the gut brain, and what humans are meant to eat based on history. You have helped many and are doing your part for a healthy future. My skin is nearing perfect and I only eat meat at this point. Good man.

Bailey Atkinson

Hey Rob, I want to thank you for all of your help over this past year. It has really been life-changing for me. To go from the depths of despair and to come all the way back in the last 9 months has been an experience I'll never forget.

My skin is now 95% healed, and I'm going to patiently wait and stay with the WFPB diet. It seems to be working for me. When I get to 100%, I'll slowly start to reintroduce some healthy items one at a time, and very slowly.

I'll still be watching your videos and applying your advice. I wish you the very best!


Where do I even start, I can't possibly thank Rob enough for all he's done for me! My skin is 100% free of dermatitis. I was tired of the doctor visits and steroid creams and one day I stumbled upon Rob and it turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me! Rob has been a blessing and a true inspiration and for anyone out there struggling I would HIGHLY recommend you work with Rob. He has changed my life and many others!

- Garrett Kiger

I have been doing this protocol for 3 weeks now, and so far I've seen some amazing results.

My arthritis in my fingers is gone, as well as my night sweats.

Irina Shikounova

I found you 5 years ago when I had problems with my skin.

Perioral dermatitis and eczema around my mouth.

Now I am ok. All is

Lucia Karelova

Hey Rob, I've been incorporating your diet advice for this past week and everything below the belt is working again lol.

My girlfriend thanks you :)

Matt Winters

Hey Rob, just wanted to send you some progress pictures just to show you how far I've come so far. not a spec of eczema on me anywhere and 30+ pounds of lean muscle added on! Not Done yet but really happy with where I'm at right now! So thank you so friggen much and I'm excited for the rest of my healing journey and finishing this program strong!

- Dan Walker

Well, here I am. The last week of your program! Coming into this 6 months ago, I was at rock bottom, not just with my skin, but my entire life felt like it was falling apart. Your program has helped me get my life back on track. I don't have any dermatitis or eczema anywhere on my body and I am more physically fit than I have been in years. I feel more in touch and in tune with my body than I ever have been and my energy levels are off the charts! Thank you!! Every ounce of suffering was worth it through all of this.

- Christopher Mitchell

Hey Rob, I've suffered from dermatitis around each edge of my nose, behind my ears, forehead, and scalp for over ten years now. I've been treating those areas with prescribed steroid-based topical creams since. As of two months ago, I began watching you on YouTube and it has changed my whole life around. In just two months it's completely gone. Literally gone. Why I wasn't told how to cure my DERM properly years ago isn't cool but long story short.. Thank you so much!

- Jason Carroll

I have been following your advice for about 4 months and it worked. My skin and overall heath is so much better. I can't express enough how much this means to me. Thank you for making these videos for people like me. <3

Nataly Gonzalez

Just got Skinesa in the mail. I can't wait. Eczema on the neck and feeling better. My face eczema is completely healed. Thanks for all you do, Rob!


Thanks, Rob after a huge flare-up of psoriasis I'm now healed after 2 months following your advice. So happy :)

Janet Thomasson

I suffered from dyshidrotic eczema. I did research after research. Tried different things. I was so desperate to find a way to heal my eczema. I was depressed all the time until one day I was in tears when I opened YouTube and typed in the exact type of eczema I had. I had done this before, but for some reason this time Rob Stuart popped up. I watched and watched video after video and thought he was the only one who made sense. So I did everything he said. I literally noticed a difference within a few days, then again in a couple weeks. So I reached out to Rob. He is such a kind man with so much passion about what he does. I followed all the instructions he sent me. I did all the detox and all the fasting. There was a time I couldn't wash my hair because of the pain I was in. I am extremely happy to say that I can wash my hair without gloves. I can walk without being in pain. My healthy skin is coming back. I no longer hide my hands. I feel amazing. Lots of energy and I eat super clean and everything even tastes better than before.There was a time I cried everyday, was in pain everyday, and depressed. That is no longer who I am. I have an enormous amount of respect and gratitude for Rob. I feel like he gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful. I am in control, not the eczema. I am constantly recommending Rob to everyone. He is the truth. THANK YOU! Thank you for helping get control of my health and life back.

- Tina Gold

Did it bro! Thank you so much for your videos and the inspiration.Skin is back to normal. Some slight scarring on the worst bit.

But yeah... good diet. Lots of sun. Walking everyday. Yoga/stretches. Running. Turmeric lemonade. Celery/fresh squeezed juices. Meditation. Cold therapy(showers). I went and saw an acupuncture specialist and she stopped the itching in my sleep which helped too.

- Tom

Hey Rob! Just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking me through your skin health program, it's truly changed my life. I had a ton of pictures oh how bad my Eczema got but deleted most of them because I was too embarrassed and afraid that someone would see them, silly right. But looking back I can't believe how much changing my diet and moving my body has done for me. At the beginning I was at my heaviest weight, super stressed out and my skin was terrible. During your program I lost 30lb and my excess got worse. Towards the end my skin started to clear up FAST. With continued my diet and starting skinesa for about 2.5 months my skin and it's texture has never looked or felt better. Thanks for all you do, you're truly a blessing.

- Chrystal Fox

Hi, Rob. I wanted to send you a message and let you know that I am done with my third month. I decided after four days of the final 2 weeks of the program that I was no longer going to proceed. I was really uncomfortable with eating high amounts of fat and my body was not responding well. I understand that this was probably the point of this part of the diet, but I decided that I was going to listen to my body. I have really enjoyed working with you and wanted to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity to take extra special care of my skin. Since I started working with you back in July, my skin has cleared up quite a bit and I have not have any cystic acne. At two points throughout the program, I did feel that two separate cystic pimples were coming in, but they seemed to dissipate on their own in just a couple of days. I am really glad I gave your program a shot and I am grateful to have access to it in the future. I've learned quite a bit and I am very grateful! Thank you for all of your help!

- Ashley Costa

Thanks, Rob! I have reached a whole new level of health after finding you on YouTube. My digestion is never out of wack now, my poops are easy and clean except during my cycle but everything gets messed up then, my sleep is good, my energy is really good, and I am glowing radiating health. I still have quite a bit of body fat to pay attention to, but my body always trends toward being fleshy over my muscles unless I do intense cardio 6 days a week. It is just the way it is. My body can't handle enough fats I don't think to actually go into ketosis. I am almost back to my 20-year-old weight though!

[YouTube comment]

Hey Rob! I've been suffering from seb derm for a while now. I didn't know what to do I was so depressed because of it all through high school. The other kids treated me differently because of it in 9th and 10th grade when it really started to kick up. The doctors said it's incurable blah blah. A while ago I found your channel.

I'm finally getting better by following your tips! Can never thank you enough, brother!

You literally saved my life.

Amar Aggarwal

Rob, I have that same exact hat. And! It's my favorite winter hat! I miss the north and I miss the cold, however, I certainly don't miss my SD (Seb Derm) and I now know far better how to naturally control it because of you. This way of living has not only helped me overcome SD but it has turned my health and life around. Thank you for the past 6 years of advice, you are the only one I have followed who is truly kept it 100% authentic.



I feel like I know you reaching out to you. I have been watching your videos and following direction for about 3 months. In contrast to most of your clients, I had some minor skin issues, however, I have gut issues, and my fear was that it was the beginning of a very big problem.

I have visited over the last 6 years, 3 different holistic type advisors/nutritionists/practitioners. I have gone the route of accepting supplement upon supplement, etc.

When COVID hit, I said this is my opportunity to go on my own and stop it all. I found your video the one where you juice purple cabbage. (I have been juicing celery every morning since November.)

I threw out all of my supplements and started following your videos.

I subscribed to Skinesa and am now coming to end of my second month.

My skin looks amazing and is clear.

My gut issues seem better. (I had Lyme back in 2006 and believe this is root cause).

Your last video inspired me that it gets worse before it gets better.

I now take dead sea salt baths, Epsom salt baths, utilize the salt skin polish, do dry brushing, continue my celery juice, and have blueberries.

The biggest change is that I started the carnivore diet about 3 weeks ago. One of my practitioners said I had a salicylate issue. So I have spent the last 3 years eating vegetables that may or may not set it off-never knowing what does.

My feet would turn the color red and be itchy. I have a terrible itch at night that starts.

Since starting the camivore diet, I know my body is healing. Less itching, less red skin.

I increased my exercise tremendously.

I utilize castor oil, coconut oil and shea butter all of the time.

I sit through my baths with youtube, Hulu or Netflix playing to make sure I soak and not rush through the day like I always have.

I am so thankful to you for the channel you invest your time into for me and for the thousands of people that watch.

I am so sorry that you spent so many years suffering. You are helping so many more people become disciplined and to heal themselves.

I will continue watching.

I bought your 3 phases workbook and selected the quantity of 2 to make a donation to you, as just a small token of my appreciation for you and what you do. May God Bless you and your family.

Kimberly Abare

Hi Rob! Here is my testimonial, thanks so much again!:

Four months ago, I decided to commit myself to a path of healing from my awful and painful eczema that I've suffered from since birth. Contrary to all the lingo I heard from doctors and friends growing up, Rob assured, with his own story of healing from skin disease, that permanent reversal of it was possible. After watching lots of Rob's videos, it suddenly clicked that in order to reverse the eczema I've struggled with my entire life, I would have to work from deep within my body. I'd have to understand that the outward inflammation was only a reflection of instability that was happening inside. These realizations were not a given, especially since my whole life I've been told that its an incurable skin rash reacting ONLY to things in my external environment.

Although I'm only about a half a year in to Rob's program, the journey has been unbelievable and I am so grateful. This program is intense and requires a lot of commitment and self-control, but I can assure you that it starts to feel more like a gift and less like a sacrifice once you really start seeing the amazing results and increase in quality of life! I am finally starting to feel like I am not disabled by my condition. I am no longer worried about how I will look or feel tomorrow, at least not in the way that I once was. My mental health and sleep are gradually improving. I still have a long way to go and my eczema is definitely not fully gone yet, but I wouldn't have come this far without Rob and the knowledge and help he's provided along the way! I know now what my body needs and have built a strong foundation from which to build a healthy lifestyle that supports my skin and overall health. Thank you so much, Rob! I hope others will see this and feel motivated to commit themselves to the healing process, because it's certainly worth it.

Noa Etedgi

Thanks to you Rob, I was able to walk around the block for the first time in almost a year. Thankful this foot eczema is better!

- Leslie Langston

Hey Rob,
I just wanted to say hi and let you know how I'm doing since we finished coaching in January. I've been doing really well lately. My skin health is fabulous, I still eat wfpb. I cleanse once a week. The only hiccup was that during the summer I started getting more acne around my forehead/nose than I ever have in my life. I don't usually get acne at all. Other than that, I feel great.
Thank you so much for what you've done for the eczema community. I see other doctors' advice and I get enraged at the nonsense they promote.
I am really happy I signed up for private eczema health coaching with you last year. It's completely changed my outlook and opened new doors. I can't believe that my skin health is this great. As great as my skin is now, it was the complete opposite before. Now, I regularly get compliments on how flawless and beautiful my skin is, what's my secret. They're surprised when I tell them that's one of the highest compliments I could receive since I used to have severe eczema.
Thanks again Rob!


There is no question I would not have been able to heal my skin without Rob Stuart. Like many others, I came across Rob on his YouTube channel. I was at the end of the rope trying to “fix” my skin.

I had been suffering from eczema and dermatitis for about a year and a half with no end in sight. I’d tried many of the external treatments and prescription meds that are out there promising to heal the skin. And like most, I found out in time, that neither of those routes was really going to solve the problem. The problem was coming from within, and while there are many folks out there claiming to be able to help, Rob was definitely the one I felt I could put my trust in.

It takes work and commitment, but if you follow his pretty simple regimen, it will happen. He was helpful, available, and supportive of my questions. I learned a ton from him and the process, and I am forever grateful for his dedication to helping people heal from these skin conditions.

Stephanie Payne

My year-long journey having Rob Stuart as my coach has rescued my life from a state of shame to one where I can speak confidently in front of friends and clients. Rob is the reality check I needed, no quick fix but a gradual shift in my paradigm of what personal health is to me and knowing it all starts with the gut. I highly recommend the 1:1 coaching sessions and stick with it, my first 6 months felt helpless but as seasons change so did my patience and discipline and now my skin is in a new state along with my mindset. Unlearn what you assume and listen to Rob, he lives in the trenches of what he teaches.

Andre D. Brooklyn, NY

Hi I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all you do I ran across your video two years ago because I broke and I went to the VA and I had a biopsy and it came back positive for lichen planus I was covered from head to toe and I did everything that you instructed on the video and I am now clear I was in so much pain I believe I'd share it with you via email but I just want you to know that you really did help me I can now wear shorts in my arms out thank you so very much for helping me it took me almost two and a half years to heal Once again thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dew War

The update is that psoriasis is basically gone again. With the sun back out in the UK & carnivore - it's all holding up well. Thank you for helping me clear it for the 2nd time!

Means the world. Speak soon brotha!

Iman Gadzhi

I am 20 years old and I never had eczema before in my entire life until I turned 18 and had a huge breakout all over my body. I didn't know what it was at first but after going to the doctor several times I found out that I had eczema. One doctor appointment after another... one cream/steroid cream and treatment after another and nothing was working. In fact, the doctor right out told me that there was no cure... and that I would have to live with this and treat it with creams for the rest of my life. I was so depressed that I basically gave up.

This all took place over the course of a year and it only continued to get worse. It started on my arms and then eventually was all over my fingers, hands, arms, legs, toes, and back. I would wake up in the middle of the night and scratch my arms off practically as the bubbles would break and release fluids. I was very miserable and angry that such a terrible thing would happen to me out of nowhere when I never had a problem with this before.

Keep in mind, I was eating what I considered a healthy diet and was exercising daily. My diet was mostly a high carb medium fat diet with lots of vegetables and I would eat meat every once in a while so I guess I was eating what would be considered the standard American diet. Also, I grew up eating a lot of junk which was likely a big contributor.

Out of desperation, I began to do tons of research on the topic of skin health and eczema and I came across your YouTube channel along with Dr. Berry. The idea that you could heal your body and that eczema is a gut issue was totally foreign to me. I realized that there could be something in my diet that was triggering these attacks on my body. For the next six months, I began doing the elimination process where I take foods out of my diet to see the results. It took a long time but I have finally found freedom. For the heck of it, I took broccoli out of my diet and all other vegetables except for uncooked leafy spinach and I have had a MAJOR breakthrough. In fact, I have been almost 4 months free of eczema! I was eating cooked broccoli religiously with almost every meal because I thought it was really healthy and once I took this out and started eating a high-fat low carb diet I began to have major changes with my skin health. I want to thank you for your help and for providing such great information. You are helping people enjoy life again with the great insight and information you provide. My overall health hasn't been better. God bless you and your journey!

- Spencer Spanbauer

I can't believe am finally CURED for my severe guttate psoriasis by following your advice, words cannot express my intense gratitude

b m

Rob, thanks to you I'm still alive! It was a parasitic infection! After 1.5 months of removing the parasite, my skin started to clear finally after 3 years.

I'm taking L-glutamine probiotics acidophilus. I feel better than ever! My leaky gut and skin have started to heal. Thank you for your videos. They are very helpful!

Greetings from Greece!


My face and overall health are amazing and I'm so very grateful for all your help and guidance. I have completed your 3-month program, my skin looks so good.

Do I continue with celery juice, Triphala tea, bone broth, kefir, & sauerkraut?

Thank you for all that you do!

Brook Marrs

Rob, just wanted to say, your videos were instrumental in changing my diet and therefore my lifestyle. I started my whole psoriasis journey in January 2018. I wanted a way to financially support you for all the free content you put out so I bought your juice book and did my first three-day juice cleanse at the top of this year. Boy oh boy was it worth it! The recipes truly make a difference to the enjoyment you get out of it. I wasn't looking forward to the juice fast at first, having gotten used to cooked foods through the winter, and was even thinking of doing a cheat day before but I'm glad I just went into it. I lost weight and had so much energy it was like a natural high. I'd recommend anyone into fruit/veg juicing to get Rob's book. Yum Yum and Carrot Cake (it really tastes like it) are my favorite. I'll say it again, you don't know juicing until you get proper recipes!!

- B Bacc Soon

My skin is 95% healed and I haven't had a real flare-up in at least two weeks.

I look normal now and feel great!!

Thank you so much!!


Hey dude, I can confirm now I am eczema-free!

Took me about three years but I did it, all thanks to you!


I've seen improvements and will transit to the fat test phase. Now, I woke up and these bubbles are no longer itchy and getting smaller. I think my body has recovered itself :)

I would have taken those medicines if it wasn't for you...

What makes you unique is you help everyone in the world and I am personally glad for this.

Cem Sunguray

Rob, I am so grateful that I have come across your channel! I've been following your advice for a year now and I am almost 100% dermatitis-free.

This lifestyle works far beyond your skin!

Power to ya :)

Priscilla Delgado

Hi, I'm a follower of yours on YouTube and I just wanted to give you a shout out and say thanks. Because of you, I have control over my Dermantits! I wanted to send you a before and after picture to show off that your routine actually works. Thank you!

[YouTube comment]

Your videos have changed my life. Thank you so much! What you say is contrary to mainstream health, so that might be difficult for some to hear. But the mainstream health advice was killing me (lots of olive oil, other fats, nuts, kombucha, kefir, etc). Now that I have removed these things I now sleep without medication (first time in 5 years), I have normal periods, and the skin on my hands i almost completely healed.

Lindsay Dooh

Hey Rob, I just want to tell you thank you so much for getting my life back on track. I'm healthy, my skin is almost perfect, and I'm slowly gaining muscle. I hope I can stay in touch now and again, but cannot thank you enough. You're a warrior!

Once again thanks mate it's been a pleasure!

- Daniel Sonner


I don't know how else to start this, so I'll just start from the beginning and tell you my story. It's been a long journey it's been a very tough journey.

For most of my life, I never had any real skin issues. Other than some dandruff which I could control with regular shampooing. I never had eczema or acne or any other common conditions that most teenagers get so I considered myself to be lucky to have good skin.

As I got older, I was starting to party and drink more frequently, with drinking wine and whisky or vodka being pretty much a daily ritual to unwind or for fun as basically everyone in their 20s does.

I was also slamming my digestive system with high amounts of calories 5000-7000 per day as I was into bodybuilding and always trying to bulk up. I would eat anything I could to get more calories. Weight gainer shakes, protein shakes loaded with peanut butter, pie, pizza, ice cream, fast food, all kinds of processed crap and gallons of milk.

That's when everything started to go south. I started to notice my skin around my cheeks and nose was getting red and the redness was not going away for weeks on end. At about age 25, I was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis. The dermatologist in all his "wisdom" and "expertise, explained that it had spread from my scalp to my face. And of course gave me the classic line that it was more genetic than anything. He never asked any questions about my diet or lifestyle. It's insane. I remember him saying "We don't cure things in dermatology, we only treat them." He then went on to tell me I was most likely sentenced to live with it for life and prescribed some creams to apply weekly to keep it under control.

So for the next 2 years, I continued to live how I was and used the medication to try to control the symptoms. Of course, the condition got worse and the medication seemed to be losing its effect of at least suppressing the flare-ups.

My social life was taking a serious hit and so was my confidence and general well-being overall. I went from being a happy kid, living life to being depressed and isolated Taken out of the game of life so to speak. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I went to the internet to look for answers. I figured someone had to know something and intuitively knew my lifestyle was not helping the situation. That's when I read a blog, and the author mentioned you had overcome many skin conditions and were a big proponent of diet being the key to success. I found your YouTube channel and started watching videos. This was about 3 years ago. So you were still vegan at the time.

I bought into the vegan diet and philosophy with all my heart and...the condition got so bad it became uncontrollable. I started having weekly flare-ups all over my face and forehead. I could literally see new areas it was spreading to and new pathways of elimination that the toxins were taking. Not to mention the rest of my overall health went to complete shit as well. Biomarkers were all on the taken. Zero sex drive, no strength, I lost 30 pounds and had the energy of an 85-year-old woman, Isolated and alone. with no one knowing what I was dealing with.

Since I heard you say things get worse before they get better I thought I would have to just deal with the changes as it ran its course. I foolishly was not being mindful of my biomarkers at the time and was too worried about the skin.

After you started going carnivore and my overall health was at an all-time low, I figured I had nothing to lose but to go animal-based as well. I did have some early success with my skin but was not strict about the diet. I would still drink occasionally or have some pizza or fried foods socially. It was 2 steps forward 1 step back. Basically I had not made a full commitment to healing yet.

In the fall of 2019, I had one of the worst flare-ups ever, and decided enough was enough. I was turning 30 in 2020 and that would be the year I was going to dig in deep and make my stand to get my life back.

So I went as strict as possible and started with the Lion Diet in January. The skin was brutally bad. The worst it had been and now the flare-ups were lasting for a week at a time. Before it would only be 1-2 days for the week. But I felt stronger and had more energy. I focused on the biomarkers for the first time and tried to ignore the look of the skin.

The next month I added in some veggies and fish and fasted one day a week. My cleansing was mostly coffee enemas 1-2 a week.

This continued for the next few months going into the summer. I was lifting weights for 4 times per week, walking for an hour or more daily, doing yoga for 30 minutes to an hour every day, and hiking for 4-5 hours every other weekend. I had zero drops of alcohol and not a bite of anything that could be a trigger food.

It turned out to be the perfect year to do this considering the lockdowns. I was isolated but so was everyone else and no one was asking me to go out or party. It was still incredibly hard to keep going as the skin was having some amazingly bad flare-ups. But I watched your videos daily, especially the ones about mindset and seeing the big picture, not focusing on the skin. You were the voice I needed to keep pushing me forward and lead me through it.

In July I did the phase 1 protocol for 2 weeks. Afterwards, the skin looked good for a few weeks. I thought I was almost out of the woods, as it had also been about 6 months into the journey. Well, I got slammed with another nasty flare-up that lasted about 2 weeks. I felt pretty dejected at that point, and it was basically a breaking point for me.

But I got up, dusted myself off and stuck to the diet and movement routines every single day, and continued to watch videos on health, the carnivore diet, success stories. whatever I needed to stay motivated and keep fighting.

By late August, my skin was looking almost as good as knew. I didn't want to get my hopes up again but I knew I was making progress in the right direction. That's when in early September it started creeping back up again. This disease seems to have a life of its own. Like it knows if you think you've beaten it, it comes roaring back to remind you it's still there.

Well, I ended up having the granddaddy of flares up all over my face. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror, and forget about interacting with other people. It lasted for almost a month between flaring up and receding. I ended up quitting my job and decided I needed nothing stressful in my life and the time to move more and be focused 100% on beating this thing.

As bad as it was, in the back of my mind I knew that flare-ups are just how this thing runs its course. It's getting the demons out. It seems like the disease, the toxins. whatever causes the flare-ups, it knows it's being killed off and not getting the sugars and crap that feeds it anymore, so it starts looking for a way out of the body like a virus does, so it doesn't starve to death, so to speak. That may be why it gets worse before it gets better when you get on the right path with the diet. Yeah, that's woo woo but who fucking knows.

Another month went by and the skin was not bad overall, until another massive flare-up which lasted about 3 weeks. It was not as bad the previous one but was probably the second worst I've ever had. Again I kept my head down and focused on the routine to get through the darkness.

The next several months went by and the skin was the best it's been in 5 years for the most part. Still some flaking and some red bumps, but not huge red patches. I wouldn't feel flare-ups or itchiness. Most people wouldn't know I ever had an issue. My biomarkers were running on all cylinders.

I did a quarterly cleansing protocol, mostly fasting, and kept the diet and routine in check. Then one more flare-up hit. It was bad compared to others but not the worst either and lasted about 2 weeks.

It's the last flare-up I've ever had. The flare-ups got consistently less server to end with that one. That was a few months ago. No flaking or flare-ups or anything since then. I can now confidently say I have beaten this thing.

I've learned so much from this journey and from you. How to be my own hero, the hero of my own movie, establishing daily discipline, finding solutions to problems instead of being handicapped by a setback, staying the course and seeing things done to the end, blocking distractions, and holding strong when failures hit. I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way in life now.

I'm going forward with a positive mindset, and a can-do attitude that I never really had before. I can take care of my body for the long haul and live a great life that some people can only imagine. I am getting back into the dating game and taking risks in business with confidence. The doors this journey has opened up for me are too many to list.

There's nothing I can do to repay you for guiding me through this as my mentor from afar. Just know that you've got soldiers out there like me who spread your message and use the tools you teach to help others with getting their health in order and overcoming skin disease so they can live great lives too.

Thank you for being a great mentor and a great leader.

Steve Crupi

I started the smoothie recipe almost 3 months ago. Since then I've never had any flare-ups. Not just that, but I think my eczema is actually cured! I only need to moisturize my skin once a day. I used to moisturize it 6 or 7 times a day! That's incredible. I've suffered from the worst eczema for 6 years and I never would have thought that only one simple recipe could cure me.


I take Triphala every night before going to bed. It really helps with my digestion. Btw I've been psoriasis-free for the past 4 months.

All credits go to this guy :) My saviour Rob Stuart!

Asish Anatta

Thank you for providing this information. Your knowledge has helped me kick this psoriasis curse after 20 years of fruitless efforts.

Within 6 months of following your advice, 100% of my skin conditions have ceased to exist.

You're a great person and I wish you the very best in life.

Jack Christof

Following the conclusion of our program, I wanted to say thank you for all the information, help, and encouragement with getting "my skin back on track!" After suffering from eczema on my hands for over 12 Years, it is incredible to no longer have to itch day and night. It is still funny to me that diet, cleansing, and exercise would have such an effect in comparison with the plethora of hand creams that I've tried with only minimal relief. While it took a bit of effort to transition from my normal diet, your simple diet plan was effective while still being satisfying and tasty. Your personality is cool and encouraging, and you really helped me to stay focused. While my eczema is not yet fully gone, I am continuing to follow the program roadmap and look forward to being eczema-free over the long haul. I would recommend Rob's program to others who have eczema or other similar skin conditions. Keep up the good work, Rob!

- Eric

Hey Rob, just realized my psoriasis is about gone. I had it all over my body and now I have like 8 small lightly pink spots. It's been about 8 months of being vegan and following your advice such as fasting and consuming more fruits. THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN. You truly are an inspiration.


Hi Rob, quick little update to let you know that I'm pretty much healed! No more rashes, skin has healed beautifully all over my body, I only have a few dry skin bumps on my feet but that's peeling off nicely too. I am back to a healthy weight and work out (mostly strength training) and detox pretty much every day. I still follow the food choices, and love your Instagram for simple meal ideas (you are right, my tummy likes it better when I eat super simple). I love that I can now have some avocado with no adverse reaction. Thank you so much for your help and the positive impact you've had on my life. I'll never forget it.


For me, 30 years of chronic psoriasis completely disappeared a year ago and it just ain't coming back. WFPB for a year, then a 1 wk water fast just zapped it, it went away completely over a few weeks and the skin continued to heal. I found out about your channel while I was water fasting, for other reasons. I've done every way of eating regimen over those years, and it seemed my psoriasis could never be healed. For me, it's WFPB, starch-based, low/no SOS for the win.

Good work, Rob!

Michael Wickler

I started your recommended diet on New Year's 2017 and this is how my face eczema got better in 247 days (see photo abo).

- Jacob Lepich

I totally have my dermatitis under control. I'm on month number 7 now and it's going well. You have been the biggest help. Not a lot is known about this disease and doctors are not in the know about how to actually heal dermatitis. You are a true innovator! You're the man!

[YouTube comment]

Thanks to you, I completely cured my eczema in 5 months.

Thank you so much, Rob!

Alexander Putkaradze

Rob's content changed my life. My eczema is under control.

Jade Blas

Last summer I was so depressed because of my skin disease. Even after a whole summer sugar-free and eating a lot of animal products, I didn't see any relief. I felt like crap and had no control over my skin. Then after discussing our plan to heal my skin, it was scary and hard as hell, but holy shit, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

My life has changed. I am healing. My skin has never looked better and I am a better person because of changing my lifestyle.

I am so thankful that I went through the struggle because it made me a better person. I have more compassion, spirituality, and love for life that was missing. Believe me, this is not something I can say easily because the struggle of skin disease is heartbreaking.

You helped me save myself. Thank you! I have never been happier.

I can't wait to celebrate my mid-thirties with my children and husband this week, where last year I was depressed that another year was going by and I was not sure if I would ever feel the same about myself because my skin condition was controlling my life.

Healing is so possible. Thank you so much, Rob! Cheers!

- Maggie Toppin

Love your videos, Rob! I am eczema-free. Once in a while, I get one tiny itchy bump, smaller than a pimple, where eczema used to be. So wonderful to be FREE.

Debbie Moore

Rob, I'm just over a year vegan and my skin has cleared 99%. Your vids have been helping and I appreciate the whole foods plant-based community on YT. I agree with you 100% when you say we gotta keep it simple!

Joe Borowsky

I've been following you for about 9 months and my skin is clear 100% from psoriasis.

Thank you for all the free content!

Chriss Polson

Hey Rob. It's been about one month since I started with your personal help. It's been fantastic. The combination of your knowledge and advice has been a total game-changer. Never realized how much life could be different. I am a positive physical and mental machine because of your program. The only drawback is that I am distancing myself from the majority of people. I gravitate towards people that "get it" which are few and far between. But, that being said I think that in itself is proof of the validation of your program. I have reinvented my body and mind. I am healing but I also feel I am just beginning my lifelong journey. I have peace in myself for the first time in my life. Things are not magnified and as intense in a negative way. It's an amazing feeling. The strength to deal with the ups and downs of life is coming back. I'll I've ever really wanted was to be "in the game" and I'm finally getting there. Thanks, Rob, rock on!

- Mark Scatena

I got rid of dairy products, all types of meat junk, chocolates, carbonated drinks as well as coffee from my diet after trying your advice, and now my skin is rejuvenated!! By sharing your knowledge, you have reopened our eyes and safe to say, introduced a whole new world of possibilities for enjoying good skin consistently!!!! THANK YOU!! Ever grateful to you!

Anouska Zuvin

I have been following your tips for a couple of months now and recently I noticed that all my rashes and spots disappeared!! I haven't had this level of clear skin for years.

I just want to say thank you for all your free videos and to your followers. Keep following his tips and be patient.

Reni Hadjieva

Rob thanks for the great videos. Since watching you and cleansing, my skin has 80% healed from eczema (in 3 months). Can't express how happy I am, and no longer using steroid creams. I feel so much younger and energized. Also, I thought that cleaning up my body only cleared up my skin but in the process, I ended my asthma (a huge chapter of my life is done and over!!!!) Once again, thank you!

T Charlie

I just wanted to thank you! THANK YOU SOO SOOO MUCH!! I suffered from eczema on my eyelids. It started out as a small dry spot on my right eyelid in early spring last year and just exploded in fall/winter. It spread, got on my other eyelid, covered them both, and even went up to my eyebrow, under my right eye, to my cheekbone, and the right corner of my mouth. I looked and felt horrible. At that time I have already been vegan for 7 years and thought I ate rather healthy. I only used home made creams out of shea butter, oils and essential oils, they helped me to somehow get through the day but were definitely no cure. I watched some of your videos in late winter but didn't internalize your message just yet. Then, in early March I found you again and you were so unbelievably motivating!!!! I immediately started to REALLY eat clean (no wheat or related grains, no oil, processed food, etc). As you always say, yes, it got worse, way worse than it has ever been! My spots were bright red, itching, flaking, all the good stuff. They got better and worse within days. But right after another huge breakout the day after Easter, my skin healed - this time for good. So in April - after only one month of eating clean my skin started to calm down and regenerate. Of course, it was still a bit discolored but felt just like normal skin. In May, I already looked completely normal! No breakouts since then, I proceed to eat clean and hopefully always will! Honestly, I can't put into words how grateful I am for your videos and your message. Looking back at pictures from a few months ago, I could cry thinking about how horrible life was back then, but also about how unbelievably fantastic it is to be able to heal such a horrendous condition just with eating healthy! I feel like I have been miracle-healed haha. Which also saddens me, since there are so many people out there who don't even consider their diet to be a factor for their problems, I feel so sorry for them. You're doing such a great service to all of the poor people looking for relief and already helped so many people - keep drilling the message into their heads!!


- Isaac Wgnr

Following your regimen has given me so much ENERGY!!!

I'm still eczema-free. THANK YOU!!!

Ello Kita

Finally I have cured my eczema. I have no words to praise you. I can only say thank you!

Sachin Pandit

All thanks to you man. It's been 8 months, but man, do I feel better!

[YouTube comment]

I normally don't comment on videos but I feel like I needed to reach out to thank you! About two months ago I contracted a really bad skin rash from the new bath wash I started using (old spice swagger). I saw a major outbreak and I didn't know what it was. After a biopsy and terrible doctor prescriptions that I refused to take, I was told it was contact dermatitis. Long story short, I watched and studied your videos. I focused on the process and within two weeks my skin cleared significantly! I still have very minor skin peeling but nothing to stress about. The keys to success were coconut oil, eating healthy, and working out. Honestly, that simple! Anyhow, thank you, bro! I truly appreciate it!!

- Jacolby Washington

After 3 months... living healthy, and eating well... my skin clears up!

Thank you! Your videos helped a lot!


I wanna say thank you because I am almost 100% healed.


Vegan lifestyle is best for dermatitis. No oil and less spices. Meditation is the best. I got 99% cured. Thanks man!

Vishnu V

4 1/2 months ago my skin on my legs and arms was literally falling off. I couldn't shower, couldn't sleep, I was in so much pain. I knew it was diet so I started a strict all-vegan regimen. I had suffered from psoriasis for 5 years now. The diet included only fruits and vegetables. No diary, gluten, refined sugars, animal meat, processed meats, coffee or alcohol! I had three scary detox flare-ups but I kept my cool as scary as it was. Now my skin is healed completely and I have started enjoying the summer and going to the beach. I must say, I added coffee enemas to my treatment, one day fasting, some days all juicing, exercised daily and last but not least I also did and still do is urine therapy. I made a complete lifestyle change, stopped drugs and alcohol, eliminated negative friendships, moved, etc. All I have to say is that diet combined with patience works!! Thanks, Mr Stuart!

- Enrique Luna

You helped me cure my psoriasis. Lots of love, my dear friend!

Anish Anatta

Just wanted to update everyone on seb derm. MINE IS GONE AND HAS BEEN GONE FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS. Rob knows his stuff. Seb derm is totally curable is you follow his diet. I know it is scary, but trust me. Believe and you shall receive :)

[YouTube comment]

My dermatitis is GONE all over my body!!! I have had it since I was a little kid and It's been 2 months eating clean exercising and taking supplements like Biotin, Probiotics, Neem, Triphala, Spirulina, B12, Glutamine, NAC, Glutathione AND I'M HEALTHIER THAN EVER!!! Thank you Rob, for all the information you share here on YouTube!

Kostas Gkiavouris

Rob, you have been an answer to my prayers! Sincerely! My skin is healing dramatically. In the past two months, I have embraced your lifestyle for my own. I am 100% committed for life and the changes are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you!!! Cleansing is crucial...I have learned from listening to you, and now from personal experience...what a difference it has made in my life!!!! Again, thank you so much for sharing all that you do Rob!!!!

Rob, you have been an answer to my prayers! Sincerely! My skin is healing dramatically. In the past two months I have embraced your lifestyle for my own. I am 100% committed for life and the changes are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you!!! Cleansing is crucial...I have learned from listening to you, and now from personal experience...what a difference it has made in my life!!!! Again, thank you so much for sharing all that you do Rob!!!!

- Nikki Lewis

Thank you Rob SOOOO FUCKING MUCH!!! I don't have diabetes anymore, I lost 12 kgs, you are a SAINT!!!


I have applied your methods and am free from dermatitis and rosacea. I'm only 2 weeks in and I've suffered from these for a while now.

You are the man!

Michael Jason Gaines

Thanks for making your videos, dude! My dermatitis is gone and the scars are fading. Here's to a healthy body, mind, and spirit!


Omg! Saw my first video 3 weeks ago (it was a what I ate today vid) and switched to whole food plant-based foods immediately. My kids have the most severe eczema (bloody, weepy, scabby skin all over) that the doctors say they've ever seen. Been prescribed every steroid or ointment Imaginable and even dabbled in gluten-free/dairy free-ish diets in the past out of desperation. I can honestly say that my babies' skin is the best it's ever been in their 5 and 7 years of life. No bloody scabby itchiness anymore and now we're just hoping the scars will go away eventually. Keep doing what you're doing. Thank you!!!!!!

- Erica Guy

Hey Rob. We talked on the phone last Fall. I want to thank you for all the YouTube content and for taking the time to give me a bit of advice.

Through your teachings about diet and cleansing, I managed to clear my psoriasis and change my life for the better.

Seriously appreciate you brother. I feel like I can live a new life thanks to you. Again thank you and happy New Year!


I have been watching your videos and following the instructions for around one year. My skin is now super healthy. No more flare-ups. I remember you every single day, Rob. Thanks a ton!

Anish Anatta

I kept using apple cider vinegar on my seb-derm, both internally and externally because everyone says it helps seb-derm. Well, it doesn't. You know what does work? EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER SAID!!! Nothing ever worked for me until I found your videos. Now, I don't have any seb-derm on my face and scalp at all.


Rob, this is my TSWS (Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome) getting better every day (see above). I have followed your instructions and my skin gets better and better every day. Thank you very much!!

- Zlatan Hadzimustafic

One year ago today I reached out to you and we did our first session. What an incredible journey this has been. I have done some shit in my time on this Earth.....but nothing has been this challenging...yet rewarding!! I truly want to thank you again my friend for all that you do !!

[YouTube comment]

I followed your diet to heal my eczema for 2 months and guess what??? That detox totally healed me!! I had eczema everywhere and there is nothing left !! I can eat normally now, even though I care a little more about what I'm eating and after 2 months nothing is back! I have to thank you for your help and i will recommend your channel to all my friends if they have issues :)


Hey Rob, I have been suffering from mild psoriasis for the last 10 years. I have only 3 to 4 small spots on my knees. I started following your diet for only the last week and have seen huge improvement. The redness around my spots is totally gone. Thank you!

Vishal Gaikwad

Hi Rob, just a quick update since I haven't given any news since our call. I got excited and did a juice feast! Today is day 30 of my juice feast but day 37 of fasting as I started with a 7-day water fast before feasting. This is the craziest thing I've ever done (along with the pain-free delivery of my baby lol) and I am soooo glad I did. I had a hard time having bowel movements at the beginning, it lasted a couple of weeks but now things are much better, as I can go a couple of times a day now, hope it stays the same when I reintroduce solid foods.

I'm not doing salt flushes but have been doing coffee enemas and skin brushing 4-6 times a week. My skin is 80% better, I can walk and am very active now! When we spoke last month I was very sick, depressed, and had not been able to walk or function properly as a mom/wife for 3.5 years because of my skin issues. Now, I move my body daily taking my kids to and from school, working in my career as an exec, doing a lot of housework, playing outside... it feels amazing. I'm also back in the kitchen, cooking a lot, which I love but had not been able to do much because my legs would hurt so much and I could not stand the heat. I'm learning to cook plant-based and it's so much easier and fun than I expected! My husband and kids love the food, I haven't had any yet but soon.

I have lost 20 lbs and I wasn't overweight before so I have become very skinny but what you told me about getting healthy being more important than my weight right now had a great impact on me.. seeing all the stuff being expelled from my body, including mucous plaque, makes it worth it. I attribute where I'm at, and the energy, motivation, and hope I feel after almost 4 years of physical and mental/emotional slump to discovering you on August 1st. So thank you and just keep doing what you're doing. You're impacting lives!

- Private Coaching Client